Watch How He Built A Log House Underground In Just 15 Days!

Watching this video will teach you how to dig a new dugout from start to finish. This video has 3 hours of soothing live noises to help you unwind and get a good night’s rest. You can also learn how to build an underground home in the jungle, and it only takes about 15 days to complete. The first step in this video series is scouting out the perfect spot in the woods for a log cottage. The logs for a log home are quickly sized and stacked in this video. To protect yourself against slivers, wear gloves while working on your log home. The size of the foundation you excavate will depend on the size of your log home.

This partially buried surface shields homes from snow, ice, and chilly temperatures. Greenhouse vegetables and food stored in cold storage also benefit. Humans and plants adapted to places with wide swings in temperature can benefit from the Earth’s heating and cooling capabilities.

The dugout can serve as the basis for a greenhouse, providing an environment with temperatures very near to those considered ideal for human habitation. It can serve as a home for humans, animals, or crops.

The continual warmth of the soil can be used to the advantage of a dugout dwelling. Partially buried structures maintain an interior temperature that is consistent with the ambient air temperature. Partially burying a building, which might take several months, creates thermal inertia that makes this possible. This safeguards the inside climate against extreme weather conditions including heat waves, snow, and ice. It is feasible to shield a building’s interior temperature from rapid fluctuations in ambient air temperature. Many different societies employ this technique.

Buildings that are only partially exposed to the elements are easy to construct and provide quick returns. As a result, the long-lost advantages they provided have returned thanks to Hurricane Sandy. The thermal bulk of the subsoil shields these buildings from freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. They are also useful for keeping the heat out.

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