This House is A Restoration Gem on Historic Paris Hill, Maine

Nestled within the historic block of Paris Hill, Maine, The Amos Armsby Home stands as a testament to a bygone era, offering a rare opportunity for restoration enthusiasts to breathe new life into this architectural gem. This venerable residence, perched on 1.8 acres of picturesque land, presents a canvas for creativity and a chance to preserve a piece of history. With breathtaking views of the Presidential Range in New Hampshire and the western Maine mountains, this property is an invitation to relish in the beauty of nature. Let’s explore the potential and allure that this historic home holds.

For those with an appreciation for history and craftsmanship, The Amos Armsby Home offers a canvas rich with potential. The option to restore the dwelling on its current foundation or embark on a new chapter with a carefully crafted, authentic rebuild provides a unique opportunity to blend the past with the present. The original woodwork, including trim, doors, and floors, has been lovingly preserved, ensuring that the home’s character and charm endure.

The 1.8-acre property, adorned with timeless stone walls and graceful shade trees, frames breathtaking vistas of the Presidential Range and the rolling hills of western Maine. From sunrise to sunset, the ever-changing panorama provides a captivating backdrop for daily life, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Much of the plaster has been meticulously removed, allowing for a fresh start in the restoration process. The premises have been thoughtfully cleared of debris, providing a blank canvas for your vision to unfold. This blank slate ensures that the next custodian of The Amos Armsby Home has the opportunity to shape its future while honoring its storied past.

Paris Hill, with its Country Club, Library, Community Club, and expansive Village Green, offers a vibrant community steeped in history and culture. The charm of this village is palpable, providing an ideal backdrop for a life filled with cultural events, social engagements, and outdoor pursuits.

For those seeking leisure and recreation, the potential to join the Sandy Shores Swimming Club opens up a world of opportunity. Access to a sandy beach and amenities on the pristine Lake Pennesseewassee, also known as Norway Lake, adds an extra layer of allure to life on Paris Hill.

The Amos Armsby Home on Paris Hill, Maine, is more than a residence; it is a living piece of history, waiting to be reimagined and revitalized. With its breathtaking views, authentic architectural details, and a community steeped in tradition, this property is an embodiment of the Maine experience.

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