This Family Connected Two Tiny Homes With A Central Sun Room & Deck

Many have pointed out that tiny houses aren’t for everyone, citing families with children as an example, yet we’ve seen plenty of examples of average-sized families adjusting to the tiny life, whether on wheels or not.

As tiny house maker Viva Collectiv did with The Ohana, there’s also the option of just combining two tiny dwellings. It’s basically two smaller houses connected by an open sun room and balcony in the middle (and was apparently featured on Tiny House Nation).

According to Tiny House Talk users, this two-tiny house compound is home to a family with children. The parents’ bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom appear to be in one compact house, as evidenced by the images. However, the corridor that runs around the bathroom makes the space appear cramped, and it could have been better to reposition the bathroom and kitchen in order to maintain the common rooms open to the covered outdoor space.

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TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

More about this story can be found at Viva Collectiv.

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