This Couple Built A Shipping Container House For Debt-Free Living

Meet Jaimie and Dave, shipping container homeowners who decided to make their dreams come true by building a tiny house out of shipping containers. On their website, you can follow their incredible tiny house journey and learn everything there is to know about building a tiny home. Their tiny house ambitions began after they realized that no matter how many hours they worked or how much money they saved, keeping up with the others around them was weighing them down. They realized they didn’t want to do it any longer, so the pair took a life-altering decision to change the course of their narrative.

After erecting a little house on their new property, the primary intention was to be mortgage-free. They had a small savings account and some basic abilities. Jaimie is an accountant/controller who has never been afraid of a challenge and enjoys the thrill of problem-solving and thinking outside the box. Dave is a fabricator, so metal was right up his alley, and Jaimie is an accountant/controller who has never been afraid of a challenge and enjoys the thrill of problem-solving and thinking outside the box. They convinced themselves that they could accomplish it and set off on their quest.

They spent months scouring the internet for information on how to build a shipping container home and reading all they could find. They discovered they were practically precisely where they started after months of investigation and study. The couple had no idea how to construct a shipping container home. They discovered the internet, as well as a few of resources from other DIYers, to be somewhat useful, but nothing that worked with what the couple intended to achieve. So they reasoned that putting two metal boxes together and making them livable couldn’t be that difficult, and that it couldn’t be that expensive.

The truth was that it was both difficult and costly. Without a lot of skill or a significant budget, the pair doesn’t sugarcoat what it takes to create a shipping container home on your own. They claim it was extremely difficult and extremely costly. It wasn’t until they started the construction process that they discovered just how much work was involved in getting their house completed. Things they only realized after living through a construction project, which may be applied to any sort of home development. Working on the shipping container home every evening after work, every weekend, every vacation day, and even holidays, including Christmas, took a lot of devotion and patience.

The good thing is that they didn’t give up easily. They weren’t going to allow anything go in the way of their dream build. They also claim to have pride, as many people believed their idea was ridiculous and that they could not live peacefully in the same box seen on the bed of a semi-truck driving down the road. The pair was adamant about not letting anyone watch them fail. While the construction process was not simple, they were able to realize their ambition of owning a shipping container home and learnt a lot about building and themselves in the process.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

The couple has a website where you can find more about their story.


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