The Woodland – Amazing Log Cabin Package

This beautiful log home in the woods was made by Coventry Log Houses. Jim Elliot and his sons Jeff and Mark run a construction company in New Hampshire that specializes in building log homes. Over the past couple of decades, Coventry Log Houses has had a lot of success by making more than sixty different types of log buildings, as well as workshops, home additions, sheds, and more!

On their website, you can take a virtual walk that takes you inside the mill where logs are turned into lumber. Here, you can find unique log house plans and see the building process for yourself.

The Woodland log home is part of their Cabin line and has a simple but attractive design. This 1140-square-foot unit is perfect for weekend trips or as a small home. It has two bedrooms, a single bathroom, and a loft that can be used as a guest room, office space, or lounge area. This house has enough room for up to six people to sleep easily. The kitchen layout can be changed to fit the needs of the client, and the wood walls in the large living rooms make them feel warm and cozy.

The Woodland design type comes with a lovely patio where you can enjoy the outdoors. As an added benefit of having this log home, you can relax in its lounge chair while sipping coffee from your outdoor oasis. Also, because it is global, you can set it up anywhere, making it the perfect fit for any setting.

Log homes are great places to live in the country because they naturally control temperature. Also, the logs work as a purifier by removing toxins from the air. This makes the air inside your home healthier.

More about this Log Cabin can be found at Coventry Log Homes Inc

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