Survival House, a Perfect Tiny Home to Embark on an Adventurous Journey

Most of the couples nowadays face a problem, whether they should buy a house or travel to some beautiful places. The home is obviously more important than touring, but what about living an exciting life? Don’t you want to visit some exciting places and live there for a few days?

Vanessa and Jared have found a solution to this problem. They built a beautiful tiny house with the help of professionals and now they travel wherever they want. Experts from the Tiny House Nation turned this couple’s vision into a reality. Now they own one of the most beautiful tiny homes.

Explore the beauty of Survival House:

This tiny home is equipped with a wide door. There is a vertical garden that enhances its exterior charm. Though it is just a 280-square-foot home, it has a roomy living room. There are three separate cabinets below the couch, which offer space for storing various things. A metal ladder is located next to the couch, where you can set up a small indoor garden. Vanessa uses it to grow fresh herbs indoors!

Survival House’s kitchen is the main attraction. Vanessa is a professional chef and she wanted a roomy kitchen. Professionals from the Tiny House Nation came up with an excellent kitchen design.

This kitchen is equipped with full-size gas stove, refrigerator, and oven. The countertop space seems pretty large. Its deep sink offers ample space to put all the dirty vessels and clean them easily. This kitchen also has an exhaust chimney and various cabinets to store ingredients and other things.

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This beautifully-crafted tiny home offers two bedrooms! These bedrooms are placed in the lofts. The master loft is pretty spacious. It offers long windows for natural lighting and fresh air. You get shelves and locker around the double-bed. It won’t be an issue to store all your clothes when you are travelling to your favorite city in the country.

The bathroom is located downstairs. It surprises you with its massive shape. Walls are covered with tiles and the glass corner shower is roomy enough to enjoy a refreshing bath. You also get space to place a load washer.

The Survival House inspires many people for owning such a small property. You don’t need a large piece of land to build your dream house. 280sq-ft area is large enough to build a comfy home, which also moves on the wheels.

Does it feel comfy?

A tiny house can’t be better than what the Survival House looks like. It is a flawlessly designed home by professionals. Is it comfy? Yes, it is way comfier than an ordinary apartment. Besides, this house has a separate grilling station located outside the house. It can be an excellent place to live and you don’t even need the plot to build it.

The Survival House moves on the wheel. You can take it wherever you want to live. This small house has all the modern amenities to comfort you on a long trip or holiday. So, check it now if you want to build something similar for your accommodation.

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