Simple And Spacious Cabin In Tennessee

On the surface, this cabin in Birchwood, Tennessee, appears to be ordinary. It has a basic front porch, as well as a front façade with wide windows that are properly aligned.

However, guests would be met by brightly lit interiors accented by white cupboards and doors, high ceilings, and natural light upon entering the house. The 1,540 sq. ft. house has a rustic and homey feel about it. Its three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all with the same interior style, can adequately accommodate people. A third floor acts as attic storage and can be transformed into more sleeping or lounging space in the future.

This three-story wood cottage is a lovely hideaway! You have all the privacy and outdoor fun you could possibly want with 20 acres.

The asking price for this basic yet lovely cabin is $540,000.

Available for sale at Zillow.

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