Nice Fixer-Upper Near Greensboro, North Carolina

Attention, fixer-uppers! You can get to Greensboro, North Carolina, in just 20 minutes. In 1925, this house was built. It is in Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, and is on 10.29 acres. The house needs to be updated for sure. I love the old barn on the land. There are two front porches, and the land has a pond. Two rooms to sleep in, and one bathroom. $180,000

From the Zillow listing:

FIXER-UPPER ON LAND OF 10+/- ACRES. Want a house that needs work? Looking for land to build your dream house? This house has a lot of charm and personality. The main bedroom is big and has wood floors. Beautiful porches with roofs. Large deck with a view of the backyard. Because the ceilings are so low, the square footage of the kitchen is not added to the total square footage. Awesome land with an old stable or barn, a pond, and a garden area. Hanging Rock State Park is only a few minutes away. being sold in the state that it is. Appointment Required, Don’t go on the land without an agent or an appointment. It only costs $180,000.

Available for sale at Zillow

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