Lakeside Log Cabin near Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana

The original Lakeside is a beautiful log home next to Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana. It has a porch that looks out over the lake and is shaped like a looking glass. This log home is great for anyone who wants a small to medium-sized ranch-style log home with style and a unique look. The original owners of the Lakeside home were so happy with their Meadowlark Log Home that they asked us to plan and build a separate garage to match. $137,239

• Single Level
• 1,588 Sq. Ft. Main Floor
• 2 Bedroom
• 2 Bathroom
• Cathedral Ceiling
• 24 Sq. Ft. Covered Porch


What’s Included In the Log Package?

The prices listed are for the pre-assembled log package. Some photos or videos may show other options, so the prices are based on the floor plan shown on the website.
Log Package Includes:
• All logs shown on the plan, the log structure fully pre-assembled and numbered, ready for shipment
• Window and door frames for log wall openings, including side, top, and bottom frames for windows, side and top frames for doors, silicone-based sealant for the bottom of window frames, settling foam for the top of windows/doors
*Frames are metal angle iron and wood frame construction
• Log screws, steel rebar pins, gasket, wood dowels
• Floor Plans
• Log Homes Council Log Grading Certificate
• Railing and posts as shown on the plan

What’s Not Included In the Log Package?

• Custom Floor Plans, Basement Floor Plans
• Engineering/ permits (if required locally)
• Excavation/ foundation/ cement work
• Framing/ subfloors/ porch decks
• Log delivery/ unloading logs at the site
• Onsite work/ General Contractor
• Re-assembly of logs/ loft floor/ roof
• Adhesive, Foam Cans for Log Joints
• Windows/ doors
• Plumbing/ electrical/ heating/ air conditioning
• Cabinets/ flooring/ frame wall covering/ trim
• Dishwasher/ sinks/ fixtures/ furniture/ furnishings
• Varnish/ stain/ chink

Available for sale at Meadowlark Log Homes

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