Historical Gem In Lumber City, Georgia

In the heart of Lumber City, Georgia, a stately residence stands as a testament to the enduring grace of 19th-century architecture. This lovingly preserved home, built in 1880, offers not just a place to live, but a living link to a bygone era, where every corner holds a story, and every detail exudes charm.

The moment one gazes upon the old photograph of this home, there’s a palpable sense of history. It’s as if the walls themselves yearn to recount the tales of generations that have passed through its doors. Built over a century ago, this residence has witnessed the changing tides of time, and its enduring structure stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of yesteryears.

Sitting atop 1.30 acres of lush land, this property offers a sense of space and tranquility that is increasingly rare in our fast-paced world. The wrought iron fence that graces the perimeter adds an air of elegance, welcoming you into a place that feels both secluded and inviting.

The covered porch, a hallmark of Southern hospitality, invites you to step into a world of timeless charm. The grand staircase, an architectural masterpiece, commands attention and beckons you to explore further. Wainscoting, an ornamental touch that once defined the grandeur of homes, graces the walls, adding depth and texture to the space.

Original hardwood floors, weathered by time but still resplendent, speak of the durability and quality that were paramount in the 19th century. Built-ins, both functional and decorative, provide character and a nod to a time when every piece of furniture was meticulously crafted.

With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a generous 3,112 square feet of living space, this residence offers room to grow and thrive. It’s a canvas awaiting your personal touch, a place where you can add your own chapters to the story that has been unfolding for over a century.

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