Gorgeous Log Cabin Near Glacier Park

This beautiful home was made by skilled Amish people near Hungry Horse, Montana, which is close to the entrance to Glacier National Park. The owners wanted an open living space with a fireplace and a big loft, so Meadowlark’s design team came up with the attic to give the loft the space it needed. This is a truly beautiful work of art. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The Hungry Horse is a beautiful small log home with a spacious and charming plan inside. The owners picked circle-sawn Douglas Fir flooring from Meadowlark for all of the rooms. $117,546

• Two Level• 2 Bedroom• 2 Bathroom• 832 Sq. Ft. Main Floor• 192 Sq. Ft. Covered Porch• 424 Sq. Ft. Loft• 192 Sq. Ft. Open Deck• Cathedral Ceiling

What’s Included In the Log Package?
The prices listed are for the pre-assembled log package. Some photos or videos may show other options, so the prices are based on the floor plan shown on the website.
Log Package Includes:
• All logs shown on the plan, the log structure fully pre-assembled and numbered, ready for shipment
• Window and door frames for log wall openings, including side, top and bottom frames for windows, side and top frames for doors, silicone-based sealant for the bottom of window frames, settling foam for the top of windows/doors
*Frames are metal angle iron and wood frame construction
• Log screws, steel rebar pins, gasket, wood dowels
• Floor Plans
• Log Homes Council Log Grading Certificate
• Railing and posts as shown on the plan

Available for sale at Meadowlark Log Homes

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