Gorgeous Log Cabin In Sweden

The Sun Cabin will make you fall in love with it. Arctic Retreat is a hidden gem of a place to stay that is tucked away in the deep boreal woods of Swedish Lapland. It also helps the environment. The Arctic Retreat is the best place to get away in the Arctic. It is near a bend in the Rane River. Traditional wooden cabins at Arctic Retreat have floor-to-ceiling windows that face north, making it easy to keep an eye out for the rare Northern Lights. The open-plan living areas have a cozy living room with a fireplace and a private pool outside. After a day of travelling, it’s nice to spend a cozy winter night by the fire.

Explore the Arctic nature by snowmobile, dogsled, or skis. There are many organized activities to choose from, and no matter what you do, you can look forward to a warm dip in your jacuzzi, a trip to the sauna, and a hearty 3-course dinner. In the summer, the river changes. When the snow melts, the Rne River wraps around the cove, turning the area where people used to ski and fish on the ice into a place to fish and kayak. Beginning in September, fall is the time to see the Northern Lights for the first time, pick berries in colourful woods, and fish the best. With a cozy loft and a double-sized bed, the Sun Cabin is great for a couple or two friends. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included, as well as linens, a private tub, and a sauna.

You’ll feel like you’re on an eco-adventure when you stay with Biostays. They’ve made a deal with the Rainforest Trust to work together. Since the beginning, they have been giving back. So far, they have saved 788 acres of jungle, which is the same size as 595 football fields and will take 78,800 tons of CO2 out of the air. When you book your next trip with Biostays, you can help them save 1 million acres of jungle by 2025, which is their goal. Every trip that is planned through their website will help save the planet. If you book your next trip with them, the earth will be grateful.

With every reservation made on the Biostays website, at least 2 acres of jungle will be kept safe. 100 tons of carbon will be taken out of the air by one acre of jungle. Biostays have already helped save 756 acres of jungle, which has kept 756,000 tons of carbon out of the air. The goal is to save 1 million acres by 2025. Every hotel, property, and holiday experience provider on their website was chosen by hand, and their sustainable practices were checked. If they think they meet certain criteria, they will agree to work with them. Criteria include recycling, using as little water as possible for housekeeping, having the shortest distance from the supplier to the table in their restaurant or kitchen, using solar and other green energy sources, etc. Biostays also looks at whether or not the place has outdoor activities, teaches about the culture and environment, and is built in a way that respects the nature around it. They only work with hotels, properties, and companies that offer eco-friendly activities. Before working with them, they check them out thoroughly.

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