Former Boat Builder Sculpts Breathtaking Wooden Bathtubs

These beautiful bathtubs are works of art made of wood. Luxury wood baths have been updated with the current wooden tubs. The tubs made by NK Woodworking and Design are one-of-a-kind wooden baths that don’t need much care. These pieces of art made from wood have been fully fixed, are waterproof, and feel smooth to the touch. The wooden tubs are made to be used every day and are not affected by high humidity, common liquid cleaners, or drying. You can buy the wooden tubs from them directly or in some U.S. stores and shops. The beautiful wooden tubs are made by hand in their Seattle shop from different sustainable domestic and exotic hardwoods. Then, each wooden tub is finished with their special finish system, which is the most durable and long-lasting on the market. These wooden bathtubs give you the comfort of fine art furniture that will make your bathroom’s focal point. Think about yourself and how nice it will be to soak in this unique bathroom feature. They can ship their custom wood bathtubs anywhere in the world from their shop in Seattle, Washington. You’ve never seen anything like how well these woodworkers do their jobs.

NK Woodworking also makes custom stairs, including grand curved staircases with metal, glass, and stone. They make flying stairs with open risers that give a wide view. With their modern line of stair designs, you are sure to love the modern spiral steps. With a custom dinner table, you can choose from their fine wood furniture styles. With their trendy live edge tables made from reclaimed wood from cities, log furniture takes on a whole new meaning. They have elegant hardwood meeting tables that are made to order, desks that are one of a kind, beds that are made to order, and media centers that are built in. There are both freestanding and built-in soakers made of wood, and some of them have beautiful patterns. This is luxury at its most fun. They use homegrown hardwoods that have been used before or come from arborists in Washington. Big Leaf Maple, Mango, Wild Cherry, Silver Maple, English Walnut, and American cherry are some of the hard woods they use in their special woodworking.

In Seattle, they build handmade log furniture, stairs, and wooden tubs using a unique shop-built system that lets them plan, assemble, and work through the unique wooden design needs of each one-of-a-kind piece. They can set up anywhere in the United States that isn’t Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. They can also set up in many other places around the world. They offer services in both art design and woodworking, such as designing furniture, stairs, whole rooms for log houses and home designs, sculptures, art pieces, and spas.

Wood is the most eco-friendly material you can use to build with. So, you can enjoy these wooden designs for stairs, chairs, and bathtubs even more knowing that they are made from a renewable resource. Anyone who cares about the world should choose wood over other natural resources to build with. A healthy forest with plants that are cared for in a way that is good for the environment and the economy is a business that helps both the economy and the environment. All of these things should go into your decision about what kind of furniture to buy.

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