Five Shipping Containers Turned Into An Amazing Tiny House

In a fast-paced city, slowing down might be difficult due to the continual dread of missing out. Everything seems to be in a constant rush to keep up with the ever-changing times we live in, whether it’s related to work, events, traffic, or even people in our environment. Burnout has become more widespread as a result of these conditions, and many people have decided to relocate away from the city’s cacophony. It’s not easy to choose an off-the-grid living, but the peace and cost savings are both appealing. Rosie is one of the people who chose a shipping container as her new home and relocated to the Coromandel Sanctuary in New Zealand.

She constructed a home out of five 20-foot shipping containers, which appears to be quite elegant. With the help of 12 solar panels, the small home is completely self-sufficient, and it also features two 2,500-liter water tanks. The biggest investment, though, is the breathtaking backdrop, which only adds to the house’s worth and makes you think how wonderful it would be to swap places with Rosie, even if only for a day.

If you’re a lover of shipping container homes, you won’t want to miss this video tour! Rosie, who has built an astonishing off-the-grid home out of five 20ft shipping containers, is featured in this week’s episode. Watch the video below to get a tour of Rosie’s off-the-grid small abode.

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