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Enjoy an Exciting and Adventurous Life in a Tiny House Village

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Are you planning to build a new house? Take a look at a small village built by a Kentucky-based family. It is a tiny house village where kids live in their separate homes. It is an inspiring concept of living life, especially if you got ample space to settle such a small village.

Tiny houses look pretty unique, mainly because of their small shape and charming designs. Modern tiny houses come with unique floor plans. Some 200 sq ft homes contain more amenities than a small apartment.

Many tiny home building companies are providing impressive houses with amazing floor plans. People contact these companies to buy prefab tiny houses and custom-built houses. The Brinks family from Kentucky also took the support of professionals to build their beautiful tiny house village. This family is now inspiring many people to build something similar for their accommodation.

Perks of living in a tiny house village:

The Brinks family built their tiny house village to maintain privacy and still live in the same place. It is a major perk of living this way, but it’s not the only perk you get. Tiny house villages offer many additional perks, which include the following:

  • Set up your village wherever you want:

Many companies build tiny houses on the wheels. These tiny houses are way better than caravans and RVs. The Brinks family does not have mobile tiny houses. Therefore, their tiny village can’t move anywhere.

Suppose you and your friends invest money in several tiny houses, you can establish a tiny village on your favorite tourist spot. It will provide separate space for sleeping, cooking, and enjoyment, but all of you will be together. Consider wheeled tiny houses before you invest.

  • Affordable price:

It usually costs a lot of money to build a spacious 2BHK house. Everyone cannot afford that much money. That’s why most of the families live in rented properties across the US and the world.

Tiny homes are much cheaper than large houses. These structures are made of top-quality woods and metals, but their small shape keeps their prices low. You can buy a feature-rich tiny house within $50K amount and get it settled anywhere you want.

Even though you own a beautiful house, you should buy a tiny one for recreational uses. It offers the freedom of visiting remotest tourist places without worrying about accommodations.

  • Settle in a new city or town without renting a new house:

People, who live in tiny houses, never worry about moving to another place for work. Their home moves with them. A mobile tiny house can move anywhere you want to live in the country. There must be clean roads to tow it otherwise it won’t go anywhere!

You save money on accommodations, reduce your environmental footprints, and enjoy a minimalistic lifestyle with your partner. Many small homeowners do not realize this benefit. They still enjoy a happy life though!

  • Tiny houses and tiny house villages are extremely energy efficient:

Are you worried about soaring power bills? Electricity suppliers are increasing costs every year. People want relief. Solar energy seems like a beneficial solution but it costs a considerable amount of money to install solar panels.

What if you can buy a prefab house with onboard solar panels? Look for tiny house designs with solar power solutions. You will find many impressive tiny homes to choose from. Even if solar energy can’t meet your power demands, you can hook that house to a power line to get additional power.

Tiny homes come with extremely power-efficient home appliances and LED interior lights. You save a lot of money on power bills. This type of houses and villages reduce your power bills and increase your savings.

  • Tiny houses are easy to maintain and clean:

It takes just a few minutes to clean an entire tiny house. 200-300 square feet homes are pretty small. You get limited but the spacious-looking living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms in such homes.

Pick up your vacuum and start cleaning the house. The cleaning job will finish within 10-15 minutes. Your house will look clean and impressive again! Thus, you get more time to enjoy your life at weekends if you live in a tiny home.

  • Get a different view every month:

Thousands of investors have bought a mobile tiny house because they want to explore different cities. They tow their house to a new scenic spot and get a different view out of the window. This house can turn into a beach cottage for a while and then you can use it as a log cabin in the woods.

Select the location you want to explore and tow your house there. You can also buy small size plots in several cities to build tiny houses there. It will cost a lot of money, but you will also find tenants to rent those tiny houses. Thus, your investment will be recovered within a few years!

Impressively crafted small-size houses get a huge response on social media platforms. This type of properties encourages people to try Tiny House Living. They contact tiny house owners and express their desires to rent it.

You can also find an agency that rents tiny homes to tourists. Thus, your small-size houses can get regular tenants and generate extra income. Whatever amount you have spent to buy these houses, you can recover it pretty fast. You can invest that money in other impressive-looking tiny houses if you want!

Final thoughts:

The Kentucky-based family did not build that tiny house to gain people’s attention. The Brinks couple just wanted to provide their kids with beautiful homes and more privacy. That’s why they built a small village.

This village has inspired many couples and families to build something similar in a beautiful town. There are architects and tiny house manufacturers ready to help you. Whether you want to build a tiny structure in a suburban region on a mobile house, you can get it constructed within a few weeks. Your life will become an exciting adventure if decide to live in a tiny house village!

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