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Could You Live In This Cozy and Cute Log Cabin?

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This is possibly one of the cutest log cabins you’ve ever seen. This Log Cabin is made from native pine logs that were hand-peeled by the Schreinerei Amberg firm. The company is based in Alzenau, Michelbach, Germany, and would be ideal for residents of the country or neighboring European countries. They construct all of their log homes out of high-quality timber that the customer selects. The client selects the home’s floor plans, the type of wood used, and the finishing touches. The company also creates gorgeous log and hardwood furniture that goes with any style of decor. One of their tables may be seen in a fairly modern kitchen, and some of their furniture can be seen in the little rustic cabin they made here in the shot. Small log huts, such as this one, can be used as a sauna, a garden refuge, or a place to relax. Many individuals construct these small structures to provide extra space for guests or as a small garden room where they can read or create art. Because these small log cottages may be used for so many different things, the possibilities are endless.

The logs are completely peeled by hand, as you can see. Hand peeling logs is a difficult task, and the craftsman will use a drawknife, which has an extremely sharp and thin edge, to do it. The blade is attached to two wooden handles, which are grasped in both hands and are used to scrape the bark and hard outer layer from the log with long, smooth strokes. They will scrape the logs clean of all the bark until the surface is lovely and smooth. They will use a chainsaw to remove any knots that protrude from the wood once all of the bark has been removed, ensuring that the entire surface is clean. A good, strong posture and stance, as well as a nice, sharp drawknife, are essential for easy log peeling. It’s crucial that the artisans are in good shape for this job because it offers your entire body a solid workout. The logs in manufactured log homes are normally peeled by machine, which eliminates part of the hard labor, but the hand peeled logs have a rustic log cabin appearance to them.

The carpenters then begin to create the walls by notching the bottoms of the logs to fit perfectly onto the top of the log beneath it. They do this by scribing the logs, which entails raising the upper log above the lower log, leveling the log, and then marking the log with a divider that resembles a huge drawing compass and an indelible pencil. The divider also has levels on it, making it easy to keep everything neat and tidy. It’s critical that the artisans get this section right, thus double-checking is crucial. The divider is run along both logs when everything is lined up and leveled, with the top log being marked to be cut. This is also how the corner notches are produced. The artisans get fairly proficient at scribing the logs, which can be pretty spectacular. The cut must be straight in order for the logs to fit together ideally for insulation. Take a peek at some of Schreinerei Amberg’s beautiful handcrafted log houses and log furniture.

This Log Cabin is built and designed by Schreinerei Amberg.

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