Check Out These Amazing Amish Log Cabins

Imagine achieving your dream of owning a home without breaking the bank. You might think that building a custom home is super expensive, but guess what? It doesn’t have to be, especially if you choose a house from the Amish Cabin Company.

These tiny houses are seriously impressive! The Amish Cabin Company specializes in log cabin kits, and they offer six different layouts to pick from. What’s cool is that these cabins are not only affordable but also compact enough for you to move them yourself using a regular flatbed trailer.

Let’s talk about one of their popular models, the Cumberland, which comes with a charming little porch. Plus, it’s a modular design, so you can customize it. You can even add up to two lofts at either end if you want!

Take a look at the cozy interior in the picture. Everything is made of wood, giving it a super comfy, rustic vibe. Once you furnish it, the home looks incredibly inviting!

Now, here’s the deal: The base price doesn’t include insulation, interior walls, electricity, or kitchen and bathroom features. But don’t worry! You can add them on yourself or get a quote from the company to install them for you. Easy peasy!

Available for sale at Amish Cabin Company

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