Charming Log Cabin in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

This lovely log cabin building has the classic look of a log house and is full of charm. The size of the log house is 2,521 square feet. The home was sold recently and was in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The rustic wood cabin was built in 1977, and it was just recently fixed up. All this cozy cabin needs now is some furniture and your own touches on the interior design. You should look around because it might give you ideas for making your own cabin. The rustic log house looks just as good now as it did more than 40 years ago.

The good thing about this log house design is that it was built a long time ago and has a rustic look that people love right now. Reclaimed barn wood is another growing trend that is being used more and more in new log house projects. This is something that more and more builders are putting into their log house plans. Private log house contractors have started fixing up both cabins and public places with wood from old homes, businesses, barns, and industries all over the United States. Reclaimed wood can give your cabin the charm you want, whether you are building a new one or fixing up an old one.

Both rustic cabins and urban homes are often built with wood that has been used before. You could use reclaimed wood for the beams or a barn wood accent wall in one room of your wood house. Reclaimed wood comes from many different places and comes in many different shapes and sizes. A real piece of salvaged wood is like nothing else. It has a story to tell and a look that are all its own. No matter where you get the reclaimed wood you use to build your house, there are a few things you should know about how to use it. If you use wood from an old barn, it might have been out in the weather for 100 years or more.

The used wood may have dead bugs and dirt on it, among other things. You will need to clean the wood because of this. Start by giving the used wood a quick scrub with a stiff nylon hair brush. This will get rid of any bugs or loose dirt. After that, give it a quick spray with an air hose to help get the smaller bits of dirt off. Some people like to use a high-pressure water sprayer to clean salvaged wood, but you have to be careful or you could damage the wood.

Next, you’ll need to look at the recycled barn wood to see if any metal is still there. As part of a barn, the wooden boards would have been nailed to the building, and some of the nails may still be there. The same goes for pallet wood, so you’ll want to look closely at each piece of salvaged wood to find anything that could dull your saw blade.

More about this cabin can be found at: Zillow

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