Beautiful Vacation Home in Putney, Vermont

Look inside this tiny yurt vacation home in Putney, Vermont, which is in the United States. The small yurt has one bedroom, one bed, and one bathroom. It can sleep up to three people. This four-season yurt is lovely, private, and has everything you need. It is on a six-acre farmstead and is surrounded by nature. It has a full kitchen, a wood stove, and a deck.

There is WiFi, power, and both hot and cold running water. There is an outdoor shower (but not in the winter, with some exceptions), multiple ski resorts are 45–60 minutes away, and swimming and hiking tracks are close by.

You can relax and recharge in this yurt, which is set on a private hill with a view of the beautiful Vermont fields and woods. It is well-designed and has a peaceful atmosphere. Everything in the room was picked with care. There are comfy chairs, a beautiful wood stove, and lots of lovely light. Under the trees, you can find a fire pit. The deck is a great place to sit, have a drink, read a book, or just listen to the birds. The simple but well-made kitchen in the yurt has everything you need to cook food.

The yurt has an organic mattress, and the owners are proud of how comfy and well-made the beds are. There are two kinds of pillows and nice sheets on the beds. The door is ten steps away from the composting outhouse, which is connected to the deck. It is spotless and nicer than you might think. The yurt is very private, but you will also get a sense of the abundant beauty of Vermont homesteading life with gardens, medicinal plants, veggies, pastures, fields, and woods right outside your door. Of course, these things change with the seasons.

The yurt is great for small families because it is only 20 feet in diameter and can only fit one bed. The owners are happy to give you a camping pad if you have a small child who is fine sleeping on the floor. Keep in mind that the wood stove is hot to the touch in the winter. The owners are usually very busy in the winter because the yurt is a great place to be in the cold season. Still, there are some unique things about living in a yurt in the winter that you should think about and feel good about. These are just a few.

It’s fun to start a fire in a wood stove, but you have to do it right if you want to stay warm. If you’ve never used a wood stove before, you may need to be patient and spend some time reading the detailed directions left by the previous owners. Also, the owners would really like it if you came before dark instead of late at night. They turn off the outdoor shower in the winter so that the pipes don’t burst. If taking a shower is important to you, you can keep the shower on by taking a quick lesson and putting down a fee. The sink always has both hot and cold water going through it.

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