Ashbrook – A Riverfront Relic in Romney, West Virginia

A testament to centuries gone by, Ashbrook stands proudly on the banks of the river, its walls echoing with whispers of history. This remarkable property, steeped in legacy and lore, offers a unique opportunity to own a slice of West Virginia’s rich heritage. With a legacy dating back to the early 1800s, Ashbrook is more than a home; it’s a living museum of bygone eras.

This riverfront property carries the weight of centuries on its storied shoulders. It’s a place that echoes with the voices of those who walked before us. Native American artifacts, including dozens of arrowheads, bear witness to an ancient presence, speaking to a time long before houses and roads graced this land.

Legend has it that even the first President of the United States, George Washington, laid eyes on this site. His historical surveying endeavors may have captured the very essence of what would become Ashbrook. The connection to this founding father lends an air of significance to the property.

Ashbrook has borne witness to moments of turmoil and strife. In the midst of the Civil War, a brave soldier sought refuge within its walls, hidden away in a closet. The scars of those times remain etched in the very fabric of the house, adding to its aura of resilience and strength.

Built in 1835, Ashbrook stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. The original hardwood floors, solid wood doors, and their accompanying hardware, all harken back to a time when meticulous attention to detail was the hallmark of construction.

The grand staircase, a focal point of the home, showcases the artistry and skill that went into its creation. The chair rails that grace the walls serve as a reminder of the elegance that once defined daily life.

On the grounds, an original summer kitchen endures, a tangible relic of a time when self-sufficiency was a way of life. Here, meals were prepared, preserves were made, and the rhythms of daily life unfolded.

With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 3,488 square feet of living space, Ashbrook offers ample room for a new chapter of history to be written within its walls. As the steward of this remarkable property, you’ll not only be preserving the past but becoming a part of its ongoing story.

In conclusion, Ashbrook is more than a home; it’s a testament to the layers of history that have shaped this land.

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