Amazing Vermont House Near Waterfall

This house is in a beautiful place. What’s up with that waterfall? In 1870, this house was built. It is in Cabot, Vermont, on a plot of land that is.74 acres. The house has a front porch, french doors, wide plank hardwood floors, exposed beams, and wainscoting. The house is on West Hill Pond, which is 355 feet away. There are 1,102 square feet and two bedrooms. $350,000

From the Zillow listing:

The water AND waterfalls!? Yes! This lovely two-bedroom old house in Cabot, Vermont, has over 355 feet of shoreline on West Hill Pond, a 46-acre pond that is very peaceful and relaxing. The waterfall that falls 20 feet over a clay and stone dam just behind this house is the main water feature. The pond is just a sideshow. The peaceful sounds of birds and the breeze are made even better by the sound of water running. This is a better soundscape than the constant hum of traffic any day. The barn/garage is very big, has electricity, and is only a few inches from the waterline. This is a great chance to build on an already existing base. Think of a second home or an AirBNB. The Cabot Cooperative Creamery and Harry’s Hardware are both in Cabot. Cabot has the Cabot Arts and Music Festival. It is only a few minutes from Rtes 2 or 15, and it is the same distance from Montpelier, Hardwick, and Woodbury. The first show is on Sunday, August 20.

Available for sale at Zillow

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