Amazing Mountain House Across the New River in Virginia

Cabin in the mountains in Virginia, near the New River. That river is just stunning. The last time we were in the mountains, we tubed down it. This house dates back to 1925. It sits on a spacious 0.95-acre lot near Eggleston, VA. This house seems to have a lot of activity. I’d throw open the front door and enjoy the fresh air again. It appears that the roofing material in that area is a combination of wood and metal. It’s neat how the tree is penetrating the porch. This 1,899-square-foot home has two bedrooms and a single bathroom. $80,000

From the Zillow listing:

This beautiful Eggleston location is directly across the river from the popular Ingles Boat Landing on the New River. This riverbank location is ideal for AirBnB businesses or outfitters want to offer their guests or vacationers something truly special. There are a lot of sheds and storage containers. It’s ready for construction since it already has a well and septic system installed. An excellent chance in a convenient setting.

Available for sale at Zillow.

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