Amazing Log Cottage in Nature, Take a Look Inside

Take a look inside the Kollola 2 cabin located in Nunnanlahti, Juuka. Just 80 km north of Joensuu, Lake Pielinen is shallow with a sandy bottom, its shore, and a boat. The log cottage built in 1997 has a kitchen-living room, sleeping alcove (with curtain) with convertible sofa, sleeping gallery with double bed and convertible sofa, terrace, and balcony. There is a separate sauna (wood-heated stove), a shower in the sauna (not a separate washroom), and a dressing/fireplace room. The water in the shower gets warm when the sauna is heated. The cabin has electric lighting electric heating, a heat-storing fireplace, a water pipe, a shower in the sauna, a wood-heated lakeside sauna, a separate indoor toilet, an electric hob and oven, a refrigerator and freezer, a microwave oven, TV, CD player, a barbecue hut, a rowing boat, and outboard motor for rent.

You are sure to love this beautiful log house in the woods. The east side of the beach is good for kids. There is a canoe and a pedal boat for people to use. There are good opportunities for fishing, trolling, bait fishing, and net fishing, all of which come with the price. You can rent an outboard motor and a water bike on their own. The owner can help you plan fishing and camping trips. You can also rent a smoke sauna if you want to. Boat owner gives out boat motor.

Juuka is full of exciting things to do. From white water rafting to hiking and biking trailers through the beauty of the Karelian mires and beautiful virgin forests, Juuka gives tourists and locals a feeling of contentment like no other. During your holiday, you could take a walk through old Juuka and look at the century-old cultural heritage in the form of beautiful old buildings, moments, stories, and more. You could also stand on the Bridge of dreams and skip stones through the bubbling waters of the Juuka river. Explore handicrafts and see how the pride of North Karelian Juuka artists is shown in their ceramics, rock sculptures, drawings, gardening, and other works.

About a third of the people who live in Joensuu are students. It is the city of North Karelia and is both busy and quiet. It is one of Finland’s most exciting places. The Ilosaarirock Festival is the most important event that happens every year and draws a lot of pop and rock artists from all over the world. Joensuu was built in 1848 by Czar Nikolai I of Russia. It is also known as the Mouth of the River. Since then, it has grown to become the second-largest city and the regional capital of North Karelia. When the Saimaa Canal was built in 1870, one of the main reasons for its growth was that water trade got better. It has made trade in the area more active and joined the Caspian and Black Seas to St. Petersburg, Russia, via the Volga. Young Finns come to the city in large numbers in July to take part in the open Ilosaarirock Festival. Folk music fans should also go to Kilhaus, a music event that takes place only 30 km away. The best things to do in Joensuu are listed below.

More about this log cottage can be found at: Lomarengas

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