Amazing Log Cabin For Just $6000

Have you ever thought if you can build a house for $6,000? For that price, you probably think of a very small, crowded place. However, this cabin below was built from start to finish for the same price. The cabin is a simple A-frame that is 14 feet by 20 feet. From the outside, it might look plain, but the inside can be very roomy and pretty. The inside of the cabin is always planned and built by the owner, but building the cabin itself is done by following a plan. First of all, you have to go slowly and follow the same steps you would use to build a regular house, like laying the foundation, putting down the rough floor, building the walls, etc. On the next page, you can find a full list of the materials and how much they cost, as well as the whole story of how this was made.

If you know how to build simple things out of wood, you can build this one-room cabin for $6000. If you want all of the services to be taken care of, the price will be higher. The prices Steve gives us include the frame, the rough floors, and the roof with shingles, but not the windows, doors, or the outside siding.

Available for sale by Steve Maxwell

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