Amazing House Built Inside A Rock in Ampezzo Dolomites, Italy

Many visitors to the area have no idea where this house is located on the mountain, much less if they should even try to enter it.

It was given the touristy moniker “the loneliest house in the world” and the locals settled on Buffa di Perrero as the official name. Located over 3,000 meters above sea level in the Dolomites, it has been deserted for nearly a century. Photo: Alamy.

Located in the Ampezzo Dolomites national park, the house was constructed into a sheer rock face in the Monte Cristallo mountain range. For years, its out-of-the-way position baffled onlookers who couldn’t fathom how such a building could be constructed there. Photo: Flickr.

At first glance, the chasm that lies just beyond the threshold may seem too far to risk venturing into. However, in actuality, there is sufficient room to set out a few seats for guests to relax on. There are two doors and four windows in the house. Photo: Flickr.

According to local legend, this cottage was built by Italian soldiers who needed a safe haven during their battles against the Austro-Hungarian army on the rugged terrain. The house is cleverly concealed by being cut into the slope of a mountain. It’s not easy to see Buffa di Perrero on the rock face if you’re not paying close attention.

This amazing feat of architecture can only be reached by means of an improvised rope and cable vehicle. The path up to the house is dangerous and should only be attempted by those who are well-versed in mountaineering. Buffa di Perrero’s perilous setting is precisely why it is so popular with thrill-seekers. Visitors want to see the home, of course, but they also want to take in the amazing views from this dizzying height. Photo: Summit Post.

The interior of the modest home doesn’t have much to offer curious guests. There’s just one tiny room inside (furnished in wood) and a couple of white wooden chairs on the porch. It takes around a week to travel here by car.

Forcella Staunies is reached through the bridge. This is one of the spectacular, thrilling, yet perilous features of the Via Ferrata Ivano Dibona path. Photo: Summit post.



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