Amazing Historic Building in Mullens, West Virginia

Someone needs to go and save this old house! The “Castle of the Coalfields” is an example of architecture from the coal business! This place used to be called the Itman Store. Between 1923 and 1925, it was put together. It is in the town of Mullens, West Virginia, on 1.75 acres. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places, which means that if it is fixed up, it can get tax credits. Since 1986, when the coal mine in the area closed, this building has been used as offices, shops, a post office, and a doctor’s office. Stone for this building came from nearby rocks that were cut down. $250,000

From the Zillow listing:

The Historic Itmann Company Store in Wyoming County, Mullens, West Virginia, is for sale as a West Virginia Landmark. In Wyoming County, there is a store called the Itmann Company Store. The Pocahontas Fuel Company’s old company shop is in the town of Itmann, just west of Mullens. It is one of the most interesting things left over from the coal boom in the whole state. Isaac T. Mann’s name was given to the town of Itmann. Isaac T. Mann is the main owner of Pocahontas Fuel and the head of the Bank of Bramwell. In 1917, the Pocahontas No. 3 mine started making gold. The company store was planned by the well-known coalfield architect Alex B. Mahood and built by Italian stonemasons between 1923 and 1925. Stone for the project was cut from rocks across the Guyandotte River and brought to the site. Like most company stores, this one was in the middle of town and served more than one purpose. People bought food, clothes, home items, furniture, and even coffins here. The building was home to the general offices of Pocahontas Fuel, a post office, a doctor’s office, a pool room, and a barbershop. It also had a store for the workers and their families. The National Register of Historic Places put it on its list in 1990.

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