A Log Cottage In Peaceful Location

The town of Karesuvanto, 330 kilometers northwest of Rovaniemi and 88 kilometers north of Muonio, is home to this rustic wood cottage. The cottage is situated on the 250-meter-wide River Muonionjoki, which separates Finland from Sweden. The river has a deep, natural state shore on one side. Salmon-bearing River Muonionjoki flows into River Tornionjoki. There is a rowboat and two life vests in the cabin. The log cabin was constructed in 2017, and its interior is finished with planks.

The cabin features a kitchen/living room combo with a convertible sofa bed, an electric sauna, a separate bathroom with a shower stall, and a patio with overhead shelter. A mattress can be placed on the floor to create a makeshift bed. There are two stovetop burners, but no oven, in the log cabin’s small kitchen. There is stowage space beneath the seats. The log cabin features a metal fireplace, blackout drapes on the windows, a patio with a table and chairs, an outside fire pit made of metal, and a barbeque grill made from a ball. Bed linens and towels are provided, and the log cabin has electricity, heating, a stove, a water pipe leading to a private well, a shower, a toilet, a single electric hot plate (but no oven), a refrigerator, a microwave, a TV, a radio, a charcoal grill, a single cottage, and a rowboat.

Water from the tap comes from the property’s well; this water may occasionally have a metallic flavor or odor due to the presence of iron. Nonetheless, it has passed testing and is safe to use. Visitors to the log cabin are welcome to bring their own supply of water. The log cabin is crossed by a power line. The conveniences of both Karesuvanto, Finland, and Karesuando, Sweden, are within easy driving distance of the property. There is a convenience store, café, and gas station all within walking distance of the cabin in Karesuvanto. There is also a charging station for electric vehicles in Neste Karesuvanto (approx. 950 meters away). Shops, restaurants, and services in Sweden Karesuando located within 2 to 3 kilometers of the border crossing. The cottage has two sets of snowshoes for guests’ use. The proprietor offers his services as a guide for fishing and safari tours. If you’re interested in renting a kayak, you should get in touch with the owner as early as possible.

Karesuvanto, often spelled Kaaresuvanto, is a settlement in the Finnish Lapland region of Enontekio municipality. It lies on the Muonio River, which forms the western boundary between Finland and Sweden. On the Swedish side of the river is where you’ll find the quaint little town of Karesuando. This is the farthest point that a car may travel north from Sweden. The Tarvantovaara Nature Preserve is close by. On the Swedish side of the river is where you’ll find the quaint little town of Karesuando.

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