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A Couple Discloses Ideas That Influenced Their Home’s Interior Design

As luck would have it, Bill Biggs and Susan Headlee eventually crossed paths. They hit it off right away as kids in the 1970s, but life took them in different directions until they eventually crossed paths again, 35 years later. They tied the knot soon after, and they’ve been making amazing memories together ever since.

Susan and Bill completely remodeled the inside and outside of Bill’s 1970s log cabin home before moving in. Everything in their home is a testament to their love for one another and the years they’ve spent building a life together. The Native American and earthy accents in their core design truly set off the log cottage from the 1970s.

Remember that it’s not absolutely necessary to have the best of everything when designing your own home; rather, it’s more important to design your home with care and fill it with items that bring you joy.

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