1870 Charming House in Avon, Maine

In the heart of Avon, Maine, a property awaits that harks back to a simpler, more connected time with the land. Built in 1870, this home exudes a sense of heritage and rustic elegance that is both enduring and captivating. Nestled on a generous 1.34-acre plot, it offers a lifestyle steeped in natural abundance and timeless charm.

The standout feature of this property is undoubtedly the mini orchard, boasting an impressive array of eleven heirloom apple trees. These venerable trees bear testament to generations of fruitful harvests and stand as living monuments to the passage of time. Their boughs laden with apples, they offer a bounty that is both delightful and practical, providing a taste of the land’s bounty at your doorstep.

As you step inside, the wide plank hardwood floors and wood walls evoke a sense of grounded authenticity. They whisper the stories of those who have walked these halls over the decades, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that wraps around you like a familiar embrace.

While we may yearn for more glimpses into the interior, what we do see speaks volumes. Each corner of this 2,500-square-foot home tells a tale of craftsmanship and enduring quality. From the rich, worn grain of the floors to the sturdy wooden walls, there’s a sense of history and character that permeates every inch.

The expansive yard is a canvas of endless possibilities, providing ample space for outdoor pursuits, from gardening to games of catch or quiet moments of contemplation beneath the shade of ancient trees. The attached garage is a practical touch, offering both convenience and shelter for vehicles, tools, or hobbies that require a dedicated space.

With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this home offers both space and functionality for a comfortable family life. Each room carries the same rustic charm as the rest of the house, creating a cohesive and inviting living space that’s ready to be filled with new memories.

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